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Mersing Harbour Centre

Whilst the old ferry ticket counters in Mersing certainly served their time well the past several decades, their replacement, the all-new Mersing Harbour Centre, didn't come a moment too soon. After all, the old bus depot was moved to a better spot in the interim, the Plaza has seen several rounds of refurbishments and even Mersing itself has upgraded on a number of fronts.

With all these developments, Mersing Harbour Centre was just a matter of time.

Mersing Harbour Centre Complex
Mersing Harbour Centre

Indeed, with this vision on the future, the greater Mersing area authorities have primed the region for what looks to be a decidedly bright time ahead, particularly given the ever-increasing tourist numbers that Mersing and its popular hinterland continue to draw.

For instance, rather than being just a ferry ticket collection point, Mersing Harbour Centre was always envisioned as the dedicated tourism portal that the area needed in order to serve the number tourism hotspots located here.

Arguably the area's flagship, Tioman Island, is likely to prosper further, given Mersing Harbour Centre's ability to process travellers much more efficiently than its predecessor, the old waterside ferry counters.

But the other paradise islands too, have been receiving a healthy boost in numbers ever since Mersing Harbour Centre was erected, in 2017. This also applies to the various activity companies that offer land and sea based recreational fun in the vicinity, including scuba diving clubs, fishing charters, sailing and snorkeling providers and jungle-trekking outfits too.

Evidently, all that was needed for the Mersing region to flourish was an infrastructure overhaul. With Mersing Harbour Centre, it got that and more.

Mersing Harbour Centre - Ferry ticket counter - Counter 21
Mersing Harbour Centre - Ferry ticket counter
Counter 21

To wit, Mersing Harbour Centre also offers a retail area, since the various shops, kiosks and push carts have plenty of items for sale, from apparel, to sundry items, to snacks. And let's not forget the many souvenirs available.

In addition, Mersing Harbour Centre has its own food and drinks section, serving a full array of both traditional Malay dishes and western meals as well.

But given Mersing Harbour Centre's comprehensive set of amenities and facilities, including ample parking, a convention centre, a washroom with shower cubicles, a kiddie playground, a prayer room, etc. clearly, nobody swinging by the complex will need to be left wanting.

Reaching Mersing Harbour Centre is easy, as it's quite the landmark now in Mersing. Just make your way to the Mersing roundabout and then take the second exit if your coming in from the south or the first exit if you're entering Mersing from the North.

You can then just keep going through Mersing town until you see Mersing Harbour Centre on your right, about one minute's drive from the roundabout. Alternatively, you can follow the Mersing Harbour Centre signs, as these are peppered here and there.

Lastly, if you want to explore the online version of Mersing Harbour Centre first, before going to the actual complex, then just click here.

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