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Tioman Ferry

Though one of several dozen bounty islands in the Seri Buat archipelago that also includes Dayang, Aur, Permangil, Rawa and Besar, Pulau Tioman has, by far, garnered the highest worldwide popularity. The reasons for its premier reputation score are simple.

For starters, Tioman is blessed with both breathtaking beach sceneries and swathes of verdant rainforest. These two very distinct ecosystems draw in tourists for their water-activity appeal and nature-recreation appeal, respectively.

Blue, bluer, Tioman
Frankly speaking, Tioman's beaches and gin-clear sea water rank up there with well-known holiday destinations like Maldives, whilst its practically unexplored and to this day not quite fully charted jungle-covered hills are unique in their own right, given the island's numerous endemic species of flora and fauna.

Small wonder then, that travellers with a penchant for snorkelling, scuba diving, freediving, kayaking, angling or sailing all get their fix around Tioman. In spades.

Tioman of the Jungle

Similarly, those keen to spend time in the island's mysterious vegetation-coated interior, observing the geographically isolated wildlife, or to encounter natural waterfalls, rare-as-diamonds Rafflesia flowers, or will also more than get their money's worth in Tioman.

In addition, there's the various quaint Tioman kampungs, the traditional villages, the kind-hearted and hospitable islanders, the superb and famous Malay cuisine. The almost year-round sunny climate, balmy temperatures and steady sea breeze, ideal for outdoor fun and R&R. Tioman has so much to offer visitors.

The perfect get-away

Add to this the island's accessibility, its considerable array of hotels, resorts and other kinds of accommodation, as well as its relative scarcity of pests and creepy-crawlies and you can see why Tioman repeatedly trumps its own annual tourism statistics.

And now that Mersing Harbour Centre, the recently-completed tourism portal building, has been greatly facilitating the transfer of travellers between mainland and Tioman, it stands to reason to assume that Tioman's numbers will continue to grow.

Activity Central

Want to spend some time on a civilized castaway island? Within reach of renown spa outlets and wellness centres, eateries that serve up delicious meals without breaking the bank, as well as lots of exciting fun things to enjoy, including bouldering, rock-climbing or stand up paddling? Then visit Tioman Island.

Getting there

You can book your Mersing to Tioman ferry hop here. Not sure how to get to Mersing? Browse your various road-transport options here. In fact, you can go by bus or by taxi whatever meets your fancy or budget, or both. You can even rent a car. Wind in your hair road-trip anyone? Alternatively, take a plane.

Whatever your mean a to get there and what ever it is you're going to do, one thing's for sure, you will have the time of your life in Tioman Island.

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